Event details

This year we will host a Throwdown for total of 80 male and 32

female athletes in 2 divisions:

ELITE (24 male/16 female athletes)

OPEN (56 male/16 female athletes)


This division is for experienced athletes only and athletes can expect advanced CrossFit elements in workouts (muscle ups, handstand pushups and walks, heavy weightlifting…).

Elite athletes will have a chance to fight for the title of Fittest in Varaždin 2019, cash (minimum of 1500€ total) and sponsor prizes. To compete in this division all registered* athletes will have to perform 2 online qualifier workouts** and only the best 24 male and 16 female athletes will be invited*** to the final event.


*ELITE qualifiers registration will start at 8:00h on 1st of April and close at 23:59h on 13th of April.


**2 online qualifier workouts will be announced at 8:00h on 8th of April and deadline for score submission will be at 23:59h on 13th of April. These scores stay on the leaderboard and go in to the final ranking of 8 workouts total (6 on the final event)


***invited athletes will have a chance to register for the final event until 24th of April. If any of the invited athletes does not register until then, invitation will be sent to the next  athlete on the leaderboard with an extended registration period.



QUALIFIERS REGISTRATION FEE: 10€ (+ regonline fee, not refundable)

FINALS REGISTRATION FEE: 50€ (+ regonline fee, not refundable)



This division is for all athletes that want to compete, gain experience and have fun doing it. There will be announcement of the best athletes in this division with some sponsor prizes. You can expect competitive workouts but with more basic elements and light to moderate loads.


At 8:00h on 1st of May we will open registration for this division and it will close at 23:59h on 15th of May. There WILL NOT be any type of qualifier for this division. First 56 male and 16 athletes to register will have a chance to compete.


All registered athletes will start the competition online with 1 workout announced at 8:00h on 15th of May. Deadline for score submission will be at 23:59h on 18th of May. This score will be your first score in 6 workouts total (5 on the final event).



FINALS REGISTRATION FEE: 45€ (+regonline fee, not refundable)


At the Throwdown all athletes will perform all workouts. On Saturday, 25th of May, ELITE and OPEN athletes will do 3 workouts. On Sunday, 26th of May, ELITE athletes will do 3 workouts and OPEN athletes will do 2 workouts. All scores, online and live for both division will be counted on the leaderboard for the final ranking* to find the best in both divisions.


*Leaderboard ranking system:

Best athlete in a workout will receive 1 point, second 2 points, third 3 points, and so on…


Athlete who has the least amount of points at the end will be announced as the winner of his/her division


In case of a tie after all workouts we will look into who was beter in more workouts between those two athletes. Next method will be who won the best place in one of the workouts.



We reserve the right to change the details of the event if there is need because of some unforseen circumstances. In that case we will notifie all athletes in time.

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